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Case Studies

At CGC Group, we collaborate with a diverse array of exceptional companies, catering to a wide range of recruitment needs. Our team of specialists excel in recruiting and staffing across various industries.

Explore our recruitment case studies to discover how we can assist your business with its unique requirements and achieve remarkable results.

Recruitment Case Study

A Financial Services organization faced a challenging attrition rate of 62% across all contact centers while seeking to enhance customer service visibility in the marketplace. Through our strategic interventions, we established a top talent profile, leading to an impressive reduction in attrition to 12%. As a result of our dedicated efforts, the organization was acknowledged as an industry leader for six consecutive years, solidifying its position in the market.

Recruitment Case Study- Vendor on Premise

A travel organization undergoing expansion sought to establish a new inside sales department. Our team collaborated closely with the leadership to successfully recruit managers and allocate a workforce of 200 skilled inside sales representatives for the new contact center. Through our effective hiring process, the organization was equipped with a capable and dedicated team to support its growth and enhance sales performance.

Recruitment Case Study- Project based staffing

Our Healthcare Insurance client sought to insource over 160+ positions for their Care Management team. Within the tight timeline of 90 days, we successfully recruited and staffed all the required positions, meeting our client’s expectations. The resounding success of this project led to our teams being engaged for the next three critical projects that played a pivotal role in the client’s business growth. Our consistent delivery of results established a strong partnership and trust, positioning us as a reliable partner for their future endeavors.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At CGC Group, we truly value the uniqueness and diverse perspectives that each individual talent brings. We are committed to fostering inclusivity by crafting an approach that embraces differences in experience, skills, and education. Our dedication to diversity is evident in the diverse slates of candidates we offer, ensuring that your business has access to the very best and most qualified talent available.

Talent Recruitment

We align industry experts to recruit and create talent strategies for your talent needs. The alignment of one to one gives our teams an opportunity to take a deep dive into today’s workforce and identify skills that match your top talent profiles in your organization.

Employee Experience

We are brand champions for our clients. We establish your organizations values when we recruit, source and create talent pipelines to align with your company’s culture and employee values.

Constant Improving

We are continually improving, learning, and adapting to this ever-changing workforce to improve our outcomes, and sustain your hiring and talent goals.